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Brain-Based Optometric Toolbox: The Complete Class

Are you a neuro-optometrist interested in growing your prescribing toolbox? Expand your treatment options and improve your quality of care with this Master Class by Dr. Amy Thomas, O.D., FCOVD.

Are you an optometrist interested in joining the program?

Email for instructions on how to apply.  Please include your name and practice for verification purposes.

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Growing the Field of Optometry

Dr. Thomas has done extensive training in concepts involving lens prescribing, neuro-optometric rehabilitation, syntonic phototherapy, functional neurology, neurofeedback, kinesiology, nutrition, and low level light therapy (lasers).  She has combined this knowledge to create a master class that will allow you to better understand the organ that you are treating (the brain).  With this knowledge and the teachings on how to diagnose and treat visual problems in the brain, you will not only be able to quickly and easily find solutions, but you will also be able to better able to explain those solutions to your patients and colleagues.

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Here is a list of the following services we provide through this site.

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BBOT Master Class

Would you like to know how to achieve a more consistent, predictable and explainable way to prescribe Neuro-Optometric Lenses and Therapy?

Then this is the perfect master class for you!


Tinted Trial Lens Kit

This kit will fit perfectly in your trial lens diagnostic set.

Order yours Today!

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Other Education

What You'll Gain

This section includes past talks from Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD so you can get to know her style of teaching while improving your knowledge base in subjects such as vision and brain injury, vision and emotion,

plus much more.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the brain and visual system to allow you to

find more effective and

consistent results in your

neuro-optometric treatments.  This new understanding will help you when your patient is not responding as expected to your current treatments. 

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